About Me

Hello, I am a photographer based in East London.

The first question people ask when you tell them you’re a photographer is ‘what kind of photography do you do?’ It’s understandable, after all, some people take pictures of microscopic organisms while others capture images of distant planets – both are photographers, yet it’s doubtful either of them do weddings.

Well, I don’t do weddings either – I wouldn’t mind having a crack at the other two though. I try and keep what I do as varied as possible, but loosely speaking I shoot people. Be that portraiture, lifestyle, or action.

In the terms of those a little bit more used to categorizing photographers, I shoot ATL and PR campaigns, catalogues and look-books, POS artwork and a bit of editorial here and there. Like anyone, I love interesting projects and really like to get involved with a project at the development stages if possible. I shoot about 50% on-location and 50% in-studio, I have my own studio on Hoxton Street, East London (near Old Street Tube)

Client List

Red Bull, Ballantine's Whisky, Lloyds Banking Group, EE Mobile Phones, Coca-cola, Network Rail, Spotify, Diet Coke, Halifax, Monster Energy Drinks, Pretty Polly, Nike, Cadbury, K-Swiss, Vans, Populous Architects, Relentless Energy Drink, Billabong Clothing, Jameson Whiskey, Supremebeing, Volcom, LG Phones, Universal Music, American Express, Oakley, NatWest, Under Armour, NBC Universal


My love of photography comes from my dad. A keen amateur photographer, he probably looks back fondly on the days I ‘helped’ him with his make-shift lab in the bathroom, applying my own distinctive methods of washing prints with a hosepipe.

My paid career started when I lived in the mountains of Colorado in the USA, having always taken photos, a friend (Tim Warwood) lent me his (or it might have been his sister’s) camera and I took some shots at a snowboard event in Vail (UnVailed I believe it was called). Well for some reason I was asked to send them back to the UK for use in a magazine there (Snowboard UK) this saw the start of a relationship with the niche market magazine press which saw me travel the world taking ski and snowboard shots in the most luxurious locations, at the time of course I didn’t realise how good I had it – I mean the money wasn’t great but it was the journey of a lifetime.

15 years on and I’m still pressing buttons, my focus, if you’ll pardon the pun, has moved around a little and I tend now to take pictures at less lung-punishing altitudes, but I still feel the same buzz as I did all those years ago shooting Tim Warwood’s backside-rodeo of a cliff in Vail.

Technology has changed, the lovely slide film which was the lifeblood of my career has been replaced by digital – above all else it’s the sound I miss the most, the advance of film and the hi-speed rewind of 36 shots spent. I could change a film with one hand, even if it was in it’s box, and I was in a blizzard!

However, I’m also a geek and I love anything remotely new, so I tend to shoot my everyday work on Canon’s best digital products, I like to process and post-produce my own work where possible, ensuring a personal touch from start to finish (I sound like a car-repair man!)

…and that’s about it I think! If you have any questions, give me a call or drop me a line and I’d be glad to answer them.