Show your inner ‘Breaking Bad’

Quentin Cooper is one of the most interesting and enjoyable people to talk to on the planet*.

I met him in Heathrow airport a while ago and have stayed in touch ever since. He’s a friendly, smiley individual who would describe himself as ‘knowing a little bit more than just something about most things’.

Whenever we talk, I like to think of him as having an inner battle between polite restraint and overflowing enthusiasm. He doesn’t want to come across as a know-it-all, while at the same time he’s so excited about the subject matter (this can be almost any subject matter) he wants to share information to enrich the conversation. It’s always a very rewarding process.

I love a good fact, and I like it when people accuse me of remembering unusual ones about equally unusual subjects. However, compared to Quentin I am a slovenly mud-forager from the dark ages.

If you google ‘Quentin Cooper’ you get a whole bunch of images showing an approachable, geeky, cheerful chap. This is mainly because Quentin is a chap of geeky cheer whom you could always approach. However I wanted to shoot the ‘inner him’ or more accurately what I SEE as the ‘inner him’, I find the expanse of his knowledge simply intimidating so I wanted him to ditch the friendly exterior and get his ‘Breaking Bad’ on. Being a cheerful chap he naturally obliged.

So this isn’t really an accurate portrait of Q, insomuch as it doesn’t represent the person you’d meet if you were ever fortunate to cross paths, but it’s a portait of his brain had it found itself inside a less congenial host.

Here are a couple of more accurate portraits to redress the balance.

*albeit in my proportionally limited experience

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