The Best Kind Of Job

Like a lot of photographers, I shoot a wide range of different types of photography. From advertising campaigns to small editorial portrait shoots, from products to celebrities.

I’m quite often asked what my favourite kind of photography is and I always reply that it is the variety itself which I enjoy the most. as William Cowper famously said:

Variety’s the very spice of life,
That gives it all its flavour.  –The Task (1785)

…interestingly William Cowper never won a cookery competition.

That said, I do love a job where I’m involved in the creative process right from the very beginning, here is a perfect example.

I got asked to think of a way of photographing a farm tractor for EE (the mobile network company) in a ‘techy’ manner for their brand partnership of this year’s Glastonbury Festival. They were planning to fit a tractor out with a 4G (a.k.a. LTE) connection and spray out a Wifi connection to it over the unwashed masses of festival-goers.

After a quick chat on the phone with the agency I used my best photomashing skills to cobble together these images..


The idea was sent around and aside from the untold compliments about my drawing skills (quite literally untold) , the word back was that they liked it and it was a ‘go’.

We did a recce at the farm (such an important step on a job like this – overlook it at your peril) and decided on the shed and field locations we’d be shooting in. The initial idea for the exterior shot was to do it at dusk so we could make the tents glow with the light of smart-phone/ tablet light, this was before it was pointed out that dusk at the time of Glastonbury festival was about 10 o’clock at night (summer solstice and all that). So it was decided to make sure the tents’ were the right colours for the brand instead.

The shoot went ahead as planned (although the number of campers was drastically reduced for logistical reasons!). Here are the results:



Thanks for reading :)



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