Nathan Gallagher

Photographer, Director.

I’m a commercial photographer and director and, although the photograph on the right might not show it, I really enjoy my job.

Although I shoot a wide range of different subjects, they often tend to revolve around people and movement.

I like applying my photographic approach to the latest technologies and techniques to create the most engaging content, however I love that even with today’s high-tech distractions, it’s really the human connection in the image which ultimately draws our attention.

I first became interested in photography while helping my dad in his darkroom in the Midlands. I started my professional career photographing skiing and snowboarding in the mountains of Colorado. I’m now based in London and get to work with some of the worlds most amazing brands and agencies creating campaigns and working with some incredible talent.

Please accept my apologies for the image on this page – I’m WAY more cheerful than that photo depicts, I’m just trying to look cool.